The different constraints on Zomato V3

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Updated at February 3rd, 2020

Constraints to check while integrating an outlet on v3:

1. Two items with same tittle cannot be associated to the same category.

2. More than one charge cannot be associated on an order sub-total level to each store.

3. Names of taxes configured have to be: CGST(has to be 2.5% on an item level), SGST(has to be 2.5% on an item level) or GST (has to be 5% on an item level)

4. Two Options with the same title cannot be associated with the same option group.

5. Store once closed will be re-enabled after 7 days.

6. Items once turned off will get enabled after 7 days.

7. The timing configured for Monday will be picked for the remaining days of the week configured. Adding days to the timing group, will only ensure that this timing group is applicable to the added days. The timings however will only be picked from what is configured for the day Monday.

8. For QVM items a minimum of 3 tags have to be associated, one each from: Single serve meal time, single serve meal cuisine and Dietary. An optional fourth tag(single serve meal type, tag name: With Beverage) can be associated to determine if the item is sold with a beverage. Below is the tags glossary:

Single Serve Meal Time Single Serve Cuisine Dietary
Breakfast Asian Veg
Lunch Biryani Non-Veg
Snacks Chinese Egg
Dinner Dessert
Late Night Healthy


North Indian




Rolls And Kebabs

Sandwiches And Burgers


South Indian

Street Food

Significance of attaching a tag from each column:

Single Serve Meal Time: Signifies which part of the day the Meal for One Items would reflect

Single Serve Cuisine: Signifies the cuisine of the meal based on the Meal for One filters on Zomato.

With Beverage: Items sold with beverages should have the tag associated so the item shows up when the filter for meal with beverage is added on Zomato Meal for One.

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