Support for measuring rider body temperature

Written By Ops UrbanPiper (Collaborator)

Updated at April 15th, 2020

Zomato has introduced a new feature where restaurants will be screening the rider's body temperature and will be informing this to them,  same info will be shared with the customer to assure him of safe and hygienic food delivery.

This feature is related to the prevailing conditions of the COVID-19 virus spread. Zomato is partnering w/ merchants to perform the following steps while delivering online orders:

  1. Check the rider body temp before handing over food
  2. If rider temp is within threshold (99.2˚F) hand over food
  3. If the temp is above the threshold, don't hand over the food. Zomato will reassign a new rider.

    Below are the steps to activate this for any business and the user flow of the same.

    Step 1:Activating the feature for any business.

    You can activate this feature for your business by setting up the flag to true(1) under the Zomato configuration section on the biz level.

    Once enabled, Satellite support for Zomato's rider body temperature feature is activated.

  4. Satellite Flow :

    Once the order reaches Food Ready State, the option gets activated where the operator at the store can record the rider's temp.

    If the screened temperature is found normal i.e below 99.2F, he is allowed to process the order.

    If a negative case is found where the rider temp is high he will punch the temperature on the UI and an alert message will be displayed to notify the operator about rider reassignment.

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