How to Transition your domain to Frodo

Written By Ops UrbanPiper (Collaborator)

Updated at February 7th, 2022

Follow the 3 Steps Process below to connect your website domain to Frodo. 

Step 1: Add the live domain URL under Atlas.

     1. Navigate to Atlas > Meraki > Web > Domains

     2. Add Domain URL there in the format of 

- In case you have a www extension along with the primary domain add the former in the format of along with where the latter would be the primary root domain. 
- You can add multiple domains here as well ensuring primary is the root domain. 

Step 2: Set the CNAME/A Record in the domain provider.

Domain Pointing to our server is recommended using the Record Type as CNAME under your domain provider. In case the domain provider does not let you add a CNAME URL like in the case of Godaddy, use A record of IP address 

How to connect the CNAME under your domain provider?

  1. Navigate to where you are able to add CNAME records or aliases under the domain provider.
  2. Enter your sub-domain as the host.
  3. Enter the value or address to the CNAME URL in the provider as in the URL from Check DNS Configuration under Domains which would be in the format of

Ensure you delete Urbanpiper's previous A Record server IP address before Step 2.

Step 3: Ready Steady Go-Live!

After step 2, It takes 30 minutes for the Frodo website to go secure and become available to all the Users which would then be observed as below image under Atlas. Drop an email to our [email protected] once you finish Step 2 so that Team UrbanPiper performs a sanity check to your live domain. 

Congratulations, you go now merrier in UrbanPiper's latest technology - Frodo! 

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