Satellite along with Assigning a Delivery Executive

How to go about managing online orders, inventory and assign orders to the Delivery Executive in Comet

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Updated at July 20th, 2020

What is satellite?

Satellite is an order management tool for all orders received on the Urbanpiper platform, be it Website, Android App, iOS App. The satellite has 2 major functions:

  • To manage a placed order

  • To control inventory

Satellite has support for either store access( allows you to track orders or manage inventory for a single store) or HQ access( allows you to track orders and manage inventory for all stores).

Order Tracking

You can track the progress of all your orders using satellite. Orders from all platforms enabled for your business can be viewed and tracked here. You can figure out the origin of the order that is the website/Android app/iOS app from the logo of the platform next to the order id. Below are the steps an order goes through and how you can update the status of the order:

To manage a placed order

Step 1:

Open in your web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

Log in to the Satellite web browser by using the Username and Password provided by the UrbanPiper Team.


Step 2:

Once an order is placed by a customer, the order lands in satellite in the Placed state of the Placed Tab with a new notification sound until you acknowledge or open the order details, We can also trigger SMS/Emails to the store manager if the brand has requested for it.
You can view the order id, the platform from where it was ordered, the time of order, the time of delivery, the outlet at which it was ordered, time left for delivery, customer details, and the state of the order.

Clicking on the order id shows pop with information on the customer details, order details(if it was a Delivery or Pick-up order), Items/Order summary, and status logs.

Step 3:

You can update the status of the order by Clicking On Acknowledge/Cancel Directly from the listView.

Also you can first click on the Order Details Page, after checking the order details and then Set status to Acknowledge or Cancel accordingly. 

Once the order is acknowledged, the order moves to the In Progress Tab

Step 4:

Assign A Delivery Executive who is available by clicking on Assign Rider available on the Order Details Page. In case you have Marked the wrong Rider, You can also Unassign Agent and then Assign the Agent Right.

While assigning a Rider you will know how many Active Orders does he have besides his Name and Mobile Number.

Step 5:

Now when the rider picks the order from the store, change the Status To Dispatch

But How Do You Keep a Track if the order has reached the end-customer?

After the Rider Delivers the order to the end-customer, he changes his status as Complete Order from Comet(Rider app), and then the Order in satellite moves to the Completed tab.

To control inventory

Apart from being able to track orders, satellite can also be used to stock in/stock out an item.

Once logged in, open inventory, here you have a list of items. You can filter by store or category. Once filtered, you can simply use the toggle to stock out or stock in an item.



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