SMS Mask ID & Template Registration

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Updated at March 9th, 2021

What is the SMS Mask ID?

Mask Id is the 6 letter alphabetic characters which are sent as a header while sending SMS to the customer.

How to get Mask ID registered?

The Brand needs to register themself as a Principle Entity (Enterprise) to comply with the new regulation of TRAI.
There are 4 Steps to be completed.

Step 1: Complete KYC, and Get your Entity ID Registered.

Entity registration & KYC under all the operators is highly recommended by the Telemarketers.  
You have to register as Principle Entity (Enterprise).

Find the guide for each operator below for the Entity Registration processes as per operators:

  1.  Idea- Vodafone
  2. Airtel
  3. BSNL
  4. Tata
  5. Videocon
  6. Jio

The entity has to pay INR 5,900/- (inclusive of taxes) as registration fees (Non-refundable). One time registration on an operator then on the rest of the operators only KYC will be needed.

The network providers will then verify, approve, and share your Entity ID to your registered mail id.

Step 2: Register Header and Telemarketer ID.

Once you get your Unique Entity ID, add Telemarketer ID and register your header in the DLT platform.
Header Mask registration under a single operator would be sufficient.

Register Header

Once the Entity is registered and you have successfully received the EntityID, you can go ahead with the registration of your senderIDs across any of the operators as mentioned below:

  1. Idea- Vodafone
  2. Airtel
  3. BSNL
  4. Tata
  5. Videocon
  6. Jio

There are 2 types of Headers to choose from – Promotional & Others.

Promotional (for campaigns promotional in nature like offers, discounts, etc.)
Others (for campaigns transactional in nature like updates, notifications, etc.) 

For UrbanPiper messages you can choose as Others.
Add your preferred Header Name in the text box > Mention the reason for choosing the Header in the description box below > Submit.

Register Telemarketer ID

To Enter Telemarketer ID or In case if you have done registration with any other Telemarketer on operator platform already, then Enter the below UrbanPiper's partner's(Gupshup and Solutions Infini) Telemarketer IDs.
You have to enter both of our partner's ids: Gupshup and Solutions Infini

Partner 1 - Gupshup Technology

Airtel - GS Digital Technology Private Limited(Telemarketer) - 1002407114627154(Telemarketer ID)
Vodafone - Lotus Transforms Private Limited(Telemarketer) - 1702157390412895696(Telemarketer ID)
Videocon - Lotus Transforms Private Limited(Telemarketer) - 1702157390412895696(Telemarketer ID)
Reliance Jio - Gupshup Technology India Pvt. Ltd.(Telemarketer) – 120210000037(Telemarketer ID)

Partner 2 - Solutioninfini

Solutions Infini(Telemarketer) - 120210000041(Telemarketer ID)

Step 3: Template Registration

Template registration with the DLT Platform is now a mandatory process and this needs to be done by every client intending on executing messages to their clients. To get a hold of all the contents triggered through UrbanPiper, please drop a mail to [email protected]

The Template registration process is quite simple across operators and you can find the guide for each operator below.

  1. Idea - Vodafone
  2. Airtel
  3. BSNL
  4. Tata
  5. Videocon
  6. Jio

    Once the you have applied for the template, you will hear back from the operator regarding the status of it and the approved template ID. 

Note: Content Template

Every Content Template registered by a Principal Entity should contain ‘Brand Name(s)’ in the content field. Content Templates without ‘Brand Name(s)’ will be considered invalid. Here is an example for the Brand Name in the content template. 

If your existing template with UrbanPiper does not include the Brand Name in it, please get it updated by dropping an email to [email protected] 

Step 4: Share your Entity ID, Template IDs along with the Proof of Header Mask ID.

Once registered, please share your Entity ID, Template IDs along with the Header Mask ID's screenshot(Videocon/Jio/Vodafone-Idea/BSNL/Tata/Airtel)  with your Account manager/Support Team at UrbanPiper who will get it registered with our SMS Gateway partners(Gupshup and Solutions Infini). 

For any queries, you can Refer here.

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