Comet and its Delivery Flow

An Android Application to track and deliver the Orders for a Delivery Executive

Written By Ops UrbanPiper (Collaborator)

Updated at October 7th, 2020

UrbanPiper provides an application called Comet used by the delivery executive where he can track the orders assigned to him by a store manager.

He can navigate to the pick-up store, pick up the order and then navigate to the drop location of the customer, along with him having the Order details in his Comet app where navigation is using Google Maps.

Step 1:

Click Here to download the app from the PlayStore.

Sign In Using the Username and Password given by the UrbanPiper Team.

Step 2:

If a new order is assigned to the Rider, it ll be available on his Awaiting PickUp Tab of the Orders.

Once he has received a new Order, he can click the View Details and can start moving towards the assigned store to Pick-Up the Order using Start Navigation

Step 3:

Once he Picks the Order from the Store he ll have to click on the Pick-Up Order and then confirm that he has picked the order.

Step 4:

For the rider to navigate to the end-customer he will have to click on the Out For Delivery Tab, View Details, and Navigate to the Customer Destination using Start Navigation. Once reached on the destination and after the order is delivered he will have to complete the order by clicking on Complete Order and confirm it.

On completing the order by the rider, the store manager's order status in the satellite will be moved to Completed Tab for that particular order.

The rider's job for that order is now done and he can lookout for more new orders.

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