Enabling UberEats

How to go about enabling Uber Eats integration.

Written By Growth Team (Collaborator)

Updated at February 18th, 2019

The Uber Eats integration feature of Hub enables your business to easily manage your store presence on Uber Eats for ordering.

This integration has 2 aspects to it: Menu management and Order Relay

Menu management allows you to control the items that are available for sale on the Uber Eats ordering platform. This includes the item's name, price, inventory, etc.

Order relay enables an order placed on the Uber Eats ordering platform to be managed through the Quint dashboard. If your PoS system is integrated with UrbanPiper, then this order will also get pushed to the particular store's PoS machine.

Enabling this integration involves the following steps:


Since the Admin Portal isn't accessible to anyone outside UrbanPiper, enabling Uber Eats as a platform for the business is to be done by UrbanPiper.

You can either contact your UrbanPiper POC or drop a mail to [email protected].


  1. Go to Configuration Configurations  Store 

  2. Select the store to be on-boarded from the dropdown.

  3. Click on the UberEats section of the store and fill in the fields. You can refer to the information cards to the right of every field for context around the field.

    NOTE: The Outlet ID/UUID will be provided by the Uber Eats POC.

  4. Hit SAVE.
  5. Go to Configuration Ordering  External Platforms 
  6. Turn on the toggle for Enabled in ubereats
  7. Flush and Sync the store.

The store on Uber Eats is now integrated with the UrbanPiper platform.

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