What is Order Relay?

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Updated at January 9th, 2020

Relay is passing on an entity from one source to another. Similarly, Order Relay is passing of information related to an order from one source to the other.

To better understand order relay in terms of food aggregators (Swiggy, Zomato, Ubereats), let's take two examples, one where the restaurant brand is not using the UrbanPiper integration, and another where they are.

Conventional Order Relay

Let's assume a brand JFC and aggregator Swiggy in this example.

Swiggy would list all outlets of the brand on their customer app based on the geographical locations of the outlets.

An end-customer looking to order food, would browse the Swiggy app, find the closest JFC outlet near them. They would then browse the menu, add items to the cart and place the order. The order details (customer name, delivery address, ordered items, bill total and special instructions) would then be relayed to the Swiggy Server, which would process the order and display the details on the Swiggy Partner app.

Every JFC outlet operator would have unique access to the Swiggy outlet dashboard where they can view and track orders, and check stats corresponding to that store.

Order Relay with UrbanPiper

The integration with the aggregators involves relaying of orders seamlessly from the aggregator’s server to ours.

Here's a pictorial representation of how an order lands in the UrbanPiper system for a business live on our platform.

Customer places an order on the aggregator app, the order is then relayed to the respective aggregator's system, and then is further pushed to the UrbanPiper System and can be viewed on our order tracker app or CRM.

Value Addition in Order Relay with UrbanPiper

In a conventional system, each aggregator would provide every outlet with a dashboard access of their own. Assuming a brand is listed on 4 aggregators, each outlet would have to manage 4 different dashboards to handle day-to-day operations for online orders.

Order Relay integration with UrbanPiper would mean that orders from all aggregator sources would land on the UrbanPiper system and can be viewed on a single interface, be it a point-of-sale or Satellite. 

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