Excluding items from a platform

How to go about excluding an item from an aggregator(s).

Written By Ops UrbanPiper (Collaborator)

Updated at May 27th, 2019

There maybe items which need to be available only on certain platforms.

In such cases, an item can be excluded from the undesired platforms by following these basic steps.


1. Go to the ConfigurationOrderingItems, open the detail page and click on the field given next to Excluded Platforms

2. Select the platform in which this specific item is to be excluded from.

Example:- Watermelon Mint is an item which needs to be excluded from Zomato.

3. Click on Save.

Now, this item will no longer be a part of Zomato's menu.

NOTE:  The stores need to be Flushed & Synced once these changes are made for it to reflect on the aggregators.

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