Basic configurations for on-boarding an outlet

Basic configuration to be done to on-board an outlet on Hub

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Updated at May 27th, 2019

UrbanPiper's Hub provides a platform where you can create and control multiple outlets of a brand on all the market's aggregators (Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda, Ubereats and Scootsy) using a single dashboard.

This article highlights how to create and on-board a new outlet on the aggregators. There are two primary steps - Store Configuration and Communication to UrbanPiper.


  • Login to Quint.
  • Go to Configuration --> Store --> ADD NEW LOCATION.

  • Enter the Name , Address and City of the new outlet that is to be created.
  • Merchant ref ID:  This is the ID of the outlet in the point of sale. If there's no integration in place, enter a default ID, in this case   -1
  • Click on SAVE.
    Once saved, there would be new sections that populate in the page below - ITEM ASSOCIATION and CATEGORY ASSOCIATION.

  • Under ITEM ASSOCIATION and CATEGORY ASSOCIATION, associate the items and categories available at that outlet respectively (considering menu is already populated in Quint).

  • Click on SAVE again.

The store is now successfully created.


  • Drop an email to [email protected] with the following details to take the integration live.

    For Zomato: Provide the Zomato store URL, the tax, packaging and delivery charges for the new outlet .
    For Swiggy: The Swiggy store URL, the tax, packaging and delivery charges for the same new outlet.
    For Foodpanda: The FoodPanda store URL.
    For UberEats: The UberEats store URL .
  • You will receive an update from UrbanPiper's support upon completion of the integration.

The store is now successfully setup to receive orders from aggregators to the UrbanPiper platform.

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