Prime as a stand alone App

Written By Ops UrbanPiper (Collaborator)

Updated at March 4th, 2021

Prime is a PWA (Progress Web App). This means Prime can be launched from the desktop without opening the browser. There are a few benefits to this:

  • Without the browser window, the app has a more native feel to it
  • It’s easier for operators to launch the app from a desktop icon rather than visiting a URL
  • PWA does not have the same sound restrictions as a browser. Browsers restrict playing sound if the tab has been idle for a long time. PWA does not have this restriction.

How to install Prime as a PWA:

  1. Clicking the install button in the browser URL bar
  2. Clicking “Install Satellite Prime” button in the overflow menu.

Once installed Prime will be visible as a desktop application and can be launched directly from the desktop icon.

It’ll be launched in it’s own window and not the browser.

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