Timing Groups

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Updated at August 18th, 2021

What are Timing Groups?

A timing group is a time window for each day of the week. A slot in the timing group will have a start time and an end time for each day of the week, the window between the start and end would be considered as the operational times. A slotted timing group can have multiple operational windows, with breaks of non operational times within a day. A timing group can be used to:

  • define operational timings for a store
  • define timing at which a category of items is sold

Let's take an example to understand where timing groups can be applied. Let's assume there are certain items from the menu which belong to the Breakfast category. Now, these items are sold only between 8 am and 11 am on every day of the week. Here, a timing group with a time window of 8 am to 11 am can be configured for every day of the week and this timing group can be assigned to the Breakfast category. The same logic can be applied on a store level as well to determine the operational hours of the store. 

How to create a Timing Group?

To create a timing group, go to Configurationūü°Ę Groupsūü°Ę Timings. Click on Add Timing Group.¬†In the New Timing Group¬†page, follow the pointers below to proceed with the configuration:

  • Is Active:¬†Check this if you want the group to be active
  • Title:¬†Enter the name of the timing category
  • Description: Enter the description of the group. This field is optional
  • Current Active Mode:¬† Here, you should choose slot timings.

If you've selected slot timings under the Current Active Mode, multiple operational slots or a single operational slot can be added for a day.

Day Selection: Day to be selected for which the timing has to be hosted. Multiple days can be selected for a group by clicking on the option Add Day.

Slot Selection: Slot range is to be selected, multiple slots can be added for a day by clicking on the option Add Slot. 

Is Active: Check this box if you want the selected slot to be active.

Once you're done adding the required slots for the respective days, save!

Note:  The continuous timings is now deprecated. 

A timing group can either be associated with a category (link: how to configure a category?) or a store (link: how to configure a store?).

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