Enabling Swiggy POP integration

How to go about enabling integration for Swiggy POP orders

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Updated at December 11th, 2019

Swiggy POP is a feature introduced by Swiggy where a few items can be ordered individually from a selected set of restaurants with no added delivery charge.

UrbanPiper's Hub supports the integration of Swiggy POP orders.

This article highlights the steps involved to enable Swiggy POP integration for your business through HUB.

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UrbanPiper's Swiggy POP integration helps your business to get POP orders relayed to your POS similar to the regular Swiggy orders.

The integration works in a way where the POP orders flow into UrbanPiper once Swiggy's team maps the UrbanPiper Item IDs at their end. 

Note: The integration only involves the order relay from Swiggy to the point of sale. The menu will still be controlled by Swiggy.


The POP item(s) has to be created in UrbanPiper first, by following the below steps.

  • Login to Quint
  • Add a new category named Offer.
  • Create the POP items with the prices under the above created category.
  • Exclude all the other platforms on Exclude Platforms field while creating the item.
  • Add a tag of POP associated to a tag group Swiggy to ensure the items are not pushed on the regular menu.
  • Associate the same to required stores.

    Note 1: For a business with a point of sale integration, ensure that the POP items are created on the POS.
    Note 2: Ensure that the POS item IDs are configured under Merchant Ref ID while creating the item in UrbanPiper.
  • Head to Configuration --> Ordering --> External Platforms


  • Once under External Platforms, choose the aggregator as Swiggy from the External Platform drop-down.

  •     Click on the outlet for which the item IDs need to be generated.

  • Click on BULK ACTIONS (Three dots) --> Export Items.

  • Enter the recipient email and Filename (optional)  and click SEND to receive the External IDs to the provided email.


Once the IDs are received, the Swiggy POP items are to be disabled in order to remove it from the regular Swiggy menu.

  • Head to Configuration --> Ordering --> External Platforms
  • Set the IS AVAILABLE toggle to disabled.



  • Drop an email to your Swiggy POC looping in [email protected] with the UrbanPiper ID list to take the Swiggy POP integration live.

Once the IDs are successfully mapped, the orders will be relayed to UrbanPiper and in turn to the point of sale.

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