Impact of Discounts?

Written By Ops UrbanPiper (Collaborator)

Updated at January 6th, 2020

While Discounts play a key role in boosting the order volume & customer growth , they also undervalue the service being provided by the merchants i.e in this case let's assume Chicken Dum Biryani being sold at 50% of it's original price , despite the original price of the Item it's perceived at half it's value and is gauged on the discounted price, the withdrawal of the discount seeing the sudden slump in the order volumes as the customers start undervaluing the Item at its original price and developing the " I'd have ordered if the Discount was still applicable" thought process , and obviously enough the  Discount cannot be a perennially existing offers.

Sample order payload with Discount


            "discount_amount": 30, 

            "discount_applied_on": 215, 

            "discount_category": "ZOMATO_VOUCHER", 

            "discount_is_taxed": 0, 

            "discount_name": "Zomato Voucher Code", 

            "discount_type": "FIXED", 

            "discount_value": 30, 

            "is_delivery_charge_discount": 0, 

            "is_zomato_discount": 1, 

            "offer_id": "", 

            "voucher_code": ""



            "discount_amount": 45, 

            "discount_applied_on": 215, 

            "discount_category": "ZOMATO_VOUCHER", 

            "discount_is_taxed": 1, 

            "discount_name": "Merchant Voucher Code", 

            "discount_type": "FIXED", 

            "discount_value": 45, 

            "is_delivery_charge_discount": 0, 

            "is_zomato_discount": 0, 

            "offer_id": "", 

            "voucher_code": "ZOMATO"


  Sample Json payload for a zomato discount.

  • The amount of Discount that has been deducted.
  • The total bill on which the Discount was applied.
  • The Discount category indicates the Discount amount was borne by which party, Aggregator / Merchant.
  • Name and type of Discount applied.

Constraints of a Discount on different aggregators

Through our system you can only configure discounts for Zomato and Ubereats. Discounts for Swiggy can be configured at Swiggy's end for any of our integrated outlets and can be relayed to us in the order payload.

You're unable to apply a Discount? Here's why.


  • Discounts will show on the app and not on the website.
  • For any dish discount a minimum of 2 items have to be associated for it to be applicable.
  • Discounts cannot be applied on QVM items.


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