Impact of Categories

Written By Ops UrbanPiper (Collaborator)

Updated at June 25th, 2020

Here's an article to understand the impact of categories on different aggregators and the different constraints on each of them.


  • Swiggy has a simple and elegant UI and does not have many constraints for categories. It shows only the Main Category (Parent Category). 
  • Sub Categories appear on clicking the parent category.
  • RecommendedThis category will only appear if you have configured the image and marked Is Recommended for an itemSorting of items within this category cannot be controlled.


  • Categories are listed on the left-hand side of the restaurant menu page.
  • Bestsellers: This category is controlled by Zomato on the basis of the best selling items of the brand.
  • Restaurant's Recommendation: This category contains a set of 10 items which are randomly selected and sorted from the entire list of items marked as recommended.

Category Timing

  • If you have some categories which are only available only on certain days or certain at a certain time in a day, you can set the timing group for that category. You need to enable Support for Category Schedules by navigating to Configuration →Business → Swiggy/Zomato → Support for Category Schedules. (Article on How to configure Timing Groups?)
  • Unlike Swiggy, Zomato does not have support for timing groups at a sub-category level.
  • For Swiggy. the sub-categories will by default have the same timing as the parent category unless a specific timing is configured to it. 

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