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This article helps you understand how the webhook callback is created when Items Actions API is called

Written By Ops UrbanPiper (Collaborator)

Updated at June 17th, 2020

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  1. What is the purpose of this Callback?
    - This webhook helps in keeping a reference of the response received for the API call made to Items Actions API. Once the response is received from the aggregators, the same will be sent over through this webhook callback.

  2. Why is it important to consume this webhook?
    - Once the API request is made to UP, UP will in turn make a request to aggregators to perform the action. Based on the response received from the aggregators, the same will have relied back on to the POS partners through the webhook. There wait might have scenarios where the request gets failed at aggregators end, it is always best practice to wait for the callback and accordingly update the same in POS partner application.

  3. How long it will take to receive the callback response?
    - As the API request is made to aggregators directly via UrbanPiper, UP waits for the response received from the aggregators and accordingly triggers the callback to the POS endpoint. Ideally, the callback response should be received within a minute.

  4. What actions are expected under "upipr_status"?
    - enable, disable

  5. When the API request is made, how the callback response is expected?
    - Based on how many platforms the item is associated, those many individual callbacks are received with the same "reference_id".

  6. How to identify the callback response received for which request?
    - When the Items Action API call is made, an HTTP response will be returned with the unique "reference_id". When the callback is triggered, the webhook payload will have the same "reference_id" which will help in identifying the callback for the request made.

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