Category Timing Groups

This article will help you understand the detailed aspects of the Category Timing Group API

Written By Ops UrbanPiper (Collaborator)

Updated at May 4th, 2021

API Document Reference — Yet to release

  1. What is the purpose of the API?
    - This API is used to create slot-based timing groups for the created categories using Managing Catalogue API.

  2. Why this API is being used?
    - This API is used for the brands who wish to show certain categories of the menu only in a specific time slot for the day.
    ex: Showing 'Snack and Dessert' category only between 4 PM to 7 PM.

  3. Can I configure the different timing groups for a category for different stores?
    - No. The category timing groups are configured at the master level and not at the store level.

  4. Can the "start_time" and "end_time" be of any value?
    - Timing Groups associated with Categories will need to have timings ending ("end_time") with XX:00 or XX:30.

  5. Can the timing groups be configured for the parent category and sub-category?
    - Yes. The timing group can be configured for parent categories and sub-categories.
    • Swiggy — the timing group can be associated with parent category and subcategories also. The sub-categories will by default have the same timing as the parent category unless a specific timing is configured to it.
    • Zomato does not have support for timing groups at a sub-category level.

  6. Can the category timing groups be updated?
    - The API does allow only a Create action. Hence, when you change the timing groups for the same set of "category_ref_ids", UrbanPiper system will create a new timing group and associate it to the sent categories.

  7. Which all platform supports Category Timing Groups?
    • OMS — web, app_android, app_ios, satellite order taker
    • Zomato
    • Swiggy
    • Amazon

  8. What is the process to enable the Category Timing Groups for the brand?
    - In Quint Dashboard, there is a flag to enable the Category Timing Groups for the brand.
    You can enable it by navigating to Configuration →Business → Swiggy/Zomato → Support for Category Schedules. Or, reach out to your Account Managers.

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