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How to go about using the image gallery in Quint

Written By Growth Team (Collaborator)

Updated at March 1st, 2018

There might arise a necessity to showcase certain images on the website or apps in the form of banners, background images or popup images.

The images can be used to display a coupon that is being run by the merchant or can be used to showcase certain product images or can even be used to communicate a festive message to customers.

Background images, banners and popup images can be added through Gallery in Quint. Gallery is the central repository of all images that can be uploaded by the merchant which can also be reused in app notifications and email campaigns under Campaigns --> Wizard.

This article lists out the detailed steps to upload these images with the required specifications.


  • Go to Gallery under Configuration

  • Image:
    Upload the image to be displayed based on the type.

  • Type:
    Web Banner: Banner is the image strip that appears in the product page above the products. Web Banners are the ones to be displayed on the website. The ideal dimension for a website banner is 1080 x 670. Below is an example of a Web Banner.

    App Banner: These are banners to be displayed in the apps as well as the mobile website. Banners uploaded for the website may not be mobile responsive. Specific banners optimised on the mobile screen maybe uploaded. The required dimension is 320 x 480

    Web Background Image: This is the image that is displayed as a part of the landing page. The ideal dimension for a web background image is 1920 x 1080

    Web Popup Image: As the name suggests, this is the image that pops up once the website is opened. The ideal dimension for a Web Popup image is 640 x 480

  • Markups:
    This allows a HTML overlay on the image. This can be used to display buttons or redirect the user upon clicking on the image or a particular location on the image to a specific link. The link can be another category, an item or even another website.
    Eg: The image can be the image of a particular item. Upon clicking on the Order Now button, the user will be redirected to the item.

    NOTE: Adding different images as Web Banners or Web Background Images can be done to create a carousel of images. The images will be displayed based on the sequence in which it was uploaded.

A previously uploaded image can be edited by hovering over it and clicking on Edit. It can also be deleted the same way by clicking on Delete.

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