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Updated at March 23rd, 2022

Images are used for all kinds of reasons: to enhance websites, to illustrate stories, in ad displays, to present products or services, as stand-alone “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Meraki lets you add the below creatives that add value to your online ordering channel. 

1. Logo

This is the icon that shows up on the header of your website domain on the User's device.
A logo is a symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its brand.

Logo is to be designed and shared in 120*80 pixels, in a transparent format.

2. Banners

There might arise a necessity to showcase certain images on the website in the form of banners.

The banners can be used to display a coupon that is being run by the merchant or can be used to showcase certain product images or can even be used to communicate a festive message to customers.

Banners are added through Gallery in Atlas. The gallery is the central repository of all images that can be uploaded by the merchant which can also be reused in email campaigns under Campaigns --> Wizard.

The optimum size of the banners to be uploaded is 1200*480 pixels, to avoid any kind of cropping.

3. Item

And then there is your regular set of item images that shows up in multiple instances of the website.

We can have the images in one of the below three configs, either maintain the size which would be supported on Meraki & HUB or maintain the aspect ratio to ensure no cropping of images.

1. Default:: Size: 720*400 pixels, Aspect Ratio: 9:5

2. Medium:: Size: 600*400 pixels, Aspect Ratio: 3:2

3. Large:: 900*700 pixels, Aspect Ratio: 9:7

Ensure one type of size is maintained throughout the catalog. 



  • For best results, we recommend uploading a high-resolution image, by maintaining the aspect ratio as the system will compress and downsize the images. 
  • Images can be uploaded in PNG or JPG format.
  • Ensure uploaded images are named with search-friendly labels, to create more content for search engines to index.

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