Meraki Additional Configuration Settings

Written By Ops UrbanPiper (Collaborator)

Updated at November 2nd, 2021

While we provide One Dashboard at the POS interface for Catalogue & Order Relay functions, your Self-branded Online Storefronts[Meraki] includes original & clever modules that are set up directly on Atlas.

The below modules cover the Other Meraki Functions that are set up directly on Atlas.

  • Order Time Slot

    Store timings can be set under the Locations. Read through Timing Groups Article to understand how to configure one.

  • Taxes On Packaging & Delivery Charges

    While Item Taxes are handled via the POS interface, additional Taxes can be configured on Atlas. Here's how.
    Create Taxes on Charges name as Taxes For Delivery Charges/Taxes On Packaging Charges.
  • Gallery

    There might arise a necessity to Showcase Certain Banners on the website or apps. The images can be used to display a coupon that is being run by the merchant or can be used to showcase certain product images or can even be used to communicate a festive message to customers.

  • Coupons

    Upsell Exciting Promotions to your customers via these New Coupon configurations.

  • Marketing

    Learn how to run SMS/Email/App Push Campaigns to keep the engagement with the Registered Customers.

  • Price Description

    Add Values and Weightage to your Price Description under AdditionalInfo of Items via Catalogue. You can perform this action via Bulk under the Bulk actions on items.

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